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What is AmCham Madagascar?

The American Chamber of Commerce in Madagascar is non-profit association of American and local businesses and businesspeople.  AmCham Mada began its activities in November 2008 and was officially recognized by the Government of Madagascar in February 2010.

AmCham Mada’s mission is to:

  • Enhance commercial ties between the United States and Madagascar
  • Uphold the highest standards of commercial practice
  • Support the expansion of an English-speaking, Anglophone business community in Madagascar

AmCham Mada does this by:

  • Holding regular discussion groups and round tables on subjects of interest to our members
  • Presenting members’ concerns before local and international authorities
  • Facilitating communication between businesses
  • Introducing businesses to potential investors and investors to businesses
  • Providing updates on the Malagasy and American business environments

AmCham Madagascar was the brainchild of former US Ambassador R. Niels Marquardt and former Minister of Trade, Commerce and Economy Ivohasina Razafimahefa who saw the potential in the underdeveloped commercial relationship between the United States and Madagascar.

A steering committee of Americans and Malagasies was formed in September 2008. AmCham’s kick-off dinner was held  in November with Stephan Hayes, the president of the Corporate Council on Africa, as keynote speaker.  AmCham’s January 2009 membership drive resulted in nearly 70 companies signing up for membership.

What Has AmCham Done So Far?
Why Join AmCham?
How to Become an AmCham Mada Member?




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